We offer Auckland’s best guard rolling service and pride ourselves in our workmanship and care taken during this service, all jobs are quoted on a as seen basis, this means we have to physically sight the vehicle to give you an estimate on what the job will cost, due the large amount of variables this can not be quoted as an exact amount without seeing the vehicle first, this process takes from 30-40 minutes per guard.


  • The vehicle will first be inspected by our team who will explain to you the work involved.
  • Most vehicles have an inner guard liner made from plastic or composite this is generally trimmed out where it will come into contact with the tyre.
  • The guard is then thoroughly cleaned to remove all debris before rolling can be started.
  • The guard rolling/shaping tool is then fitted and the seem as well as paint is heated up to to around 100-250 degrees to allow the metal and paint to become more malleable.
  • The lip is then folded flat and if necessary the whole guard can be flared out.
  • Any vehicle running a close fitment will be test driven to ensure our job has been done correctly. Prices from $120 - $150 per guard subject to change with no notice.