We offer the service of Lowering and Lifting your Vehicle
Spring kits
A great way to lower your car 20-50MM to enhance is look and also driveability. We offer many brands such as H&R, KING SPRINGS, DOBI, TEIN, EIBACH, JAMEX,
The next step from springs is Coilovers, This Allows you to have Full adjustability of you vehicle! Height, damper and camber adjustment, Coilovers is a good option for those who intend on occasional track use or who want their car to be just that little bit lower then the spring kit allows, We offer many brands such as H&R, TEIN, BC GOLD, DAIYAMA
Air Suspension 
For those who want full range from the ground up, we have a decent range from full blown custom to a off the shelf kit to suit your car. Ranging in brands from AIRSTANCE, AIRLIFT, ACCUAIR, AIR-REX,
Lift kits
The ones who like to look over the top of all other cars we have you covered from 2 inch right through to 7 inch lifts of select vehicles, There are many different kits available to suit multiple vehicles ranging in brands from BILSTEIN, DOBINSONS, PSR, RANCHO, KING SPRING